BYOP Power Whey – Dutch Cocoa flavour

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Product Description

  • Power & Strength boosting functional whey protein blend
  • Scientifically proven combination of BCAAs & Creatine with whey protein
  • For the performance athlete

What is Power Whey?

Power Whey is a premium whey protein containing a whopping base of 24g of protein and 6g of BCAA per serving. It is flavoured with only natural powders. To give you the purest and cleanest whey, Prime Whey only contains 3 ingredients – Cold-Filtered Whey Protein, Natural Flavouring and Natural Sweetener. Our power-blend, containing Creatine Monohydrate and additional BCAAs is then infused into the base whey. For those just who are looking to breakthrough their personal bests in the gym and looking for extra strength and power, this is the blend for you and your route to a bigger and more powerful physique!

What are the benefits of Power Whey?

According to scientific studies and research, some of the benefits of Power Whey include:

  • Augmenting Muscle Gain in conjunction with Resistance Training
  • Improvement in strength and power output
  • Limiting Fat Gain during period of Excessive Calorie Intake

Why BYOP’s Power Whey is superior to other leading whey protein?

Besides packing a whopping 24g of protein and 6g of BCAA per serving, we only use natural flavourings – hugely beneficial to your body especially if you are consuming it on a consistent basis.

Also, at BYOP, we use Cold-Filtered Whey Protein. Cold Filtration Processing of whey helps preserve the full spectrum of peptides present in natural cow’s milk. These include LF, IgG and GMP. In addition, our whey has a higher than perfect (100) biological value of 104, which is how readily the digested protein can be used in protein synthesis.


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