Working From Home (WFH) – the dream of every working adult. Being able to wake up 10 minutes before work, lounging in comfy clothes and avoiding the peak hour crowds on public transport. However, long term WFH has cultivated many to remain sedentary during both work and off-work hours.

It is important to stay active during this period of time to keep your mind and body healthy. It might be difficult to find that motivation to start moving. Here’s a few tips that might help you attain your New Year’s Resolution even if you are staying indoors!

Tip 1: Waking Up EarlierĀ 

It is no doubt difficult to wake up earlier in the morning. However, by waking up slightly earlier, you have time to either get in a short workout or even enjoy your breakfast and get ready for work without the need to rush through it. Expert believes that it takes 21 days to cultivate a habit. Hence. do not beat yourself up if you did not manage to wake up from your first alarm on your first day!

Tip 2: Schedule Your Exercise

Firstly, find a schedule that works for you. Be it having to workout early in the morning before work or in the evening. As long as you are able to stick to your schedule and make it a habit, you will be less likely to fall out from your routine.

Tip 3: Attend Virtual Fitness Classes

What if you have tried everything you can and simply cannot adhere to your own workout plan? Why not consider signing up for a Virtual Fitness Class? Not only can you stay accountable and motivated to attend these classes, you are doing your health a favor as well!

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From yoga to High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) classes, you can definitely find something that you are interested in! Not only do you NOT need to spend additional time travelling to a studio, you get to do it at the comfort of your own home! You can sign up HERE.

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Tip 4: Getting Up and Move Every Hour

Set an timer for every hour to remind yourself to get up and move for a few minutes. It is important to not be sedentary for long period of time even if you have already done your workout of the day. Fill up your bottle, grab a healthy snack or simply walk around the house is a good way to get your blood flowing!